Love stories


Sabine Legrand

Grignan, France

Amidst the stone-paved streets of Grignan, they wrote a love story as unpredictable as the June storms of the south of France. Their journey began in Melbourne in the eleventh hour before lockdown, and as fate would have it, they weathered a huge thunderstorm that mirrored the unpredictability of their love.

With resilience and the support of family, their intimate ceremony unfolded under the vines, a testament to their laughter, family bonds, and the unwavering joy they bring to each other.

Marc’s French roots and his grandfather’s moving speech echoing through the old walls added layers of heritage and love to the day, making this little village the magical setting where love triumphs over the unexpected. It was my first wedding back in France since we got locked in Australia for 3 years and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better place and better people to create Art again 🖤

Sabine, you are phenomenal and our wedding photographs are everything we could have hoped for and more! From our first meeting we knew you were THE photographer for us.

We fell in love not only with your stunning folio, but your wickedly beautiful personality too!

- Tania + Marc

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