It all started with Sofia Coppola's movies and a love affair with my dad's analogue cameras.

I have discovered the beauty of the world long before comprehending its meaning. My earliest memory, at three, strolling through Rio De Janeiro with my grandmother, captivated by sunlight weaving through city buildings. This early fascination with light is woven into my very essence, shaping the artist I've become.

I once roamed as an explorer, working for food and lifestyle magazines, shooting european and australian fashion weeks, brands and model folios but now, I've discovered my genuine passion in wedding photography. I seamlessly blend my affection for editorial and cinematic aesthetics, channeling my intuitive and unique emotional abilities to help my clients navigate the intricacies of a wedding day.


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There are a million photographers. Here's what makes me different:

As a French native who lived Down Under for a decade, I speak the language of both cultures, offering you a truly unique and bilingual experience.

My dedication to a personalized and stress-free experience, including day organization assistance, goes beyond capturing images, appealing to clients seeking guidance throughout their wedding process.

I draw inspiration from art, european cinema, and music. I infuse these elements into my work that reflects a sophisticated and refined aesthetic. I'm constantly searching for new and fresh ideas.


July 2024

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"Harmony, it's like being in tune with the cosmos. The way you feel when you sit next to someone you love. Harmony."

— Solaris (1972)

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