Love stories


Sabine Legrand

Chateau du Fey, France

In the misty corridors of Microsoft, where Seattle’s drizzle painted love stories, Nada and Remi’s journey began but it was in the heart of France that they wrote the most beautiful chapter.

From the gray of the Pacific Northwest to the golden warmth of Burgundy’s summer, their story at le Chateau du Fey unfolded like a fairytale. Despite the language barrier, English and French joyfully pirouetted in the air all day, friends and family came from all corners of the world to celebrate and witness their unconditional love.

Their vows, spoken under the chateau’s centennial oak tree, echoed promises of friendship, unwavering support, and a love that turned the mundane into a canvas of extraordinary memories.

🥂As the sun dipped behind the château, the scene transformed into a realm of festivity where champagne flowed like rivers and cheeky shots were savored in jubilant toasts. It was a soirée where time seemed to stand still in the euphoria that painted the night with crazy dance moves and timeless memories ✨

Sabine, you have a rare and unique ability to capture moments with an artistic touch, ensuring that each photo

tells a story and evokes emotion"

- Nada + Remi

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