My story


I realised the beauty of the world long before I even understood the meaning of it. My first ever memory was when I was three years old, walking with my grandmother in Rio De Janeiro and watching the position of sunlight change as it seeped between the buildings. It has been in my DNA since the beginning and has shaped who I am. I remember as a young child, watching how my father played with the art of photography and seeing the way his passion flourished. I would spend hours in our basement in Paris rummaging through any treasures I could possibly get my hands on, like film, lenses and old albums from my dad’s youth. I would find archives of his traveling, of jungles and crazy adventures and photos of his gorgeous model-like girlfriends, and feel as though I was flicking through a 70s fashion magazine. I was always eager to learn – seeking to know more, and see more, so I taught myself how to use these old vintage cameras and immerse myself any way I could into the world of photography.


My heart is in two places, and I consider myself lucky because of this. I was born and raised in France and moved to Melbourne eight years ago to start a new chapter with my Aussie lover. This dual identity has given me a dual lens on life, and by applying this to my photography, I feel like I am able to create a unique and happy medium between classic and contemporary. I have lived in a number of different places around the world and I see all these places as pieces of a jigsaw that have come together to create who I am. The traveling I did with my parents as a young girl especially, shaped my detail-hungry artistic eye and my creative sensibility. And photography continues to release the explorer in me.


My home and family in Paris will always bring out the little kid in me, it is the stomping ground that facilitated photography into becoming my happy place. When I go to Paris, to this day I still find myself diving into old photographs, and reminiscing in the warming sense of nostalgia that comes with them – getting that same sense of happiness like I did in my youth.



My Love Story


Photography was my first love, but I was also lucky enough to find a second love, my soulmate. I came to Melbourne to visit him after we met when he was an exchange student at my school in Paris, where we laughed as we struggled to understand each other, then bonded over Radiohead, and here we are thirteen years later, married with our lovely daughter Andréa.


Jordan encourages and inspires me in so many ways; he is my number one fan and vice versa. I have always been obsessed with taking photographs of him and exploring the romantic element of photography, because it is romantic in itself, it conveys raw emotion and establishes a connection between you and that pictured moment. When I look at pictures I’ve taken of Jordan over the years, they still give me butterflies and take me back to those exact moments that tell the story of the evolution of our love. I look at them and feel what I felt when I took them. My own experiences with love are interwoven into my work because I am so familiar with it and what it feels like, so in an empathetic way, I am able to identify and capture those moments that people will look at and think, that’s love. I have had couples say to me “I can’t believe you got that!”, and I think that demonstrates my ability to stay out of the spotlight and capture moments that are so intimate and untethered.



Photography has been the only consistent aspect in my life, it is what keeps me grounded, gives me a special connection to people and continues allowing me to embrace my creativity. I feel like my life would be so gloomy without creating and taking photos, it is the foundation of me. I love meeting new couples and getting to know their dynamic and style. Each wedding I do is different because I adapt according to what each couple wants and am happy to tailor to any crazy things you are into! We are a team and I am here to put the ‘special’ in your special day.