Will we meet before our wedding?


Yes please! I always meet with my couple so we can get to know each other and see if we are a good match. I work from my home office in Melbourne inner suburbs so I can meet you anywhere for a coffee or an Espresso martini. If you are not Melbourne based, we can definitely chat on FaceTime or WhatsApp or by phone and meet later closer to the date.


How do we book you for our wedding?

A 30% non-refundable deposit will secure your wedding date. I can't hold a date for you, but I can let you know if someone else enquires about the same date. I work on a first in best dressed basis so if you do decide to choose me as your photographer, please book in as soon as possible.


Do you travel?


Of course! I have travelled half the world to live with my lover after all. My passport is up to date and my suitcase is ready to go! For interstate and international weddings, a travel fee for flights and accommodation applies. For general travel information, take a look at the information on the pricing page.

Do you have a second photographer?


I do have a couple of photographer friends who shoot for me on a regular basis. However, most of the time, I'm shooting on my own. If you are having a big wedding with more than 120 guests then I'd highly recommend you get a second photographer to ensure everything is covered. Please note that a second photographer is not included in my package and is part of an add-on fee of $60 per hour.


Are you insured?


Yes, absolutely. I have public liability insurance with full cover.


What do we receive?


A beautiful collection of around 500 to 700 edited photographs both in colour and black & white. All photos are carefully edited by me with my specific style and a link to download high and online resolution for your convenience. A 30 photo Sneak Peek gallery the day after your wedding day. One-year access to an online gallery which you can share with family and friends 4 weeks after your wedding. During busy season weddings can take up to 6 weeks to deliver. I do not use watermarks or logos on my photos and you have unlimited access to all your photos so you can print them on a billboard if that is what tickles your fancy.


Do you supply us with the RAW files from the day?


Unfortunately, I don't sorry. As a professional, I spend a lot of time editing and choosing the best photos to give you. I do this not only for you to have the best possible images, but also because my photos are the expression of who I am as an artist and individual. It's my duty to choose that special one out of the 5 shots I took of you in the same pose, that has the best composition, facial expression, light, clarity and so on. I am trained to know that you don't want the one with your eyes closed or the one that is out of focus. This happens sometimes, I'm not a robot. I want to give you the very best of my work. I choose to not give you every single photo taken on the day for the simple reason that they are repetitive and unedited. To finish, I shoot in RAW format, which the purest form of shooting and it captures a lot of information resulting in a very large file size that requires a special program that most people don't have at home. If you are hiring me as your wedding photographer, it means you are totally trusting my skills and knowledge as a professional to deliver the most beautiful photos.


What if we want you to stay longer on the day?


If you have booked me for a certain amount of time but want more d-floor action and party snaps, you can have me stay longer! Additional hours are charged at $350 per hour.


Do you need us to provide a meal?


Yes please! I'm running all day on my feet and one definitely needs some fuel for the artistic mind and the body. If you have me for less than 5 hours (small wedding, engagement or elopement) then I can totally survive on my nut bars and bananas.


What equipment do you use?


I have the latest Canon equipment and I'm shooting with prime (fixed) lenses. They allow me to photograph in my own specific style. I'm a natural light lover and shooter so don't expect me to rock up with studio lights, umbrellas, crazy equipment and two assistants. I have a very minimalist approach so I can stay discreet and capture your day as a story. Equipment helps to get beautiful photos but the most important thing is the soul behind the lens.


Can’t find your questions here?

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