I’m Sabine, a Parisian born photographer based in Melbourne. I create fun, creative and candid photography for the modern lovers! With a fashion and lifestyle background, I’m not your typical wedding photographer and will capture your day as it unfolds in front of me, like a story with an attentive eye for details and unseen beauty.
A little bit about me :
  • I’m obsessed with THE moment and natural light
  • I’m 30 years old and happily married to my best friend
  • I love walking in nature and skinny dipping in rivers (rain forests have my preferences)
  • I’m a party animal and you can often find me in bars listening to live music and dancing
  • I will go above and beyond to shoot your special day
  • I have a lot of energy and I'm fun to be around
I’m also available to shoot portraits, lifestyle (food, interiors, business) and events so don’t hesitate to get in touch for any of your upcoming projects.